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July 18, 2012
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I have been recently in a week workshop in Dakar (Senegal). More than 30 HR Professionals from different West Africa countries were joining to discuss about Personnel Administration, Absence Management and Payroll Integration.


It has been really interesting to learn how such different countries (Senegal, Chad, Ghana, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Sierra Leona) are having so many similarities while managing internal
processes and producing HR reports.

After that week, I travelled to the South-East of the country (close to Guinea-Conakry border) to visit the Bassari Country. This region has been declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO. It has been a great opportunity to know beautiful natural places and charming people!




Marta Moreno

About Marta Moreno

Marta Moreno has extensive experience in Global HRM Customer Services. She has participated in numerous globalization projects for Talent Management involving the coordination of multiple countries on several continents. She is passionate about travel and keen to discover different perspectives, interactions and synergies of multiculturalism in each country. Pending: visit the sixth continent, Antarctica."


  1. Germain   said:

    Interesting article, Was the course catered for french speaking senegalese….?

  2. Marta Moreno Cuesta   said:

    The workshop (speech + presentation) was run in two simultaneous languages: English and French, as there were English-speaking countries (Ghana, Kenya & Sierra Leone) as well as French countries (Senegal, Mali, Chad, Mauritania, Niger and DR Congo).
    I was leading some of the French-speaking sessions and supporting French-English participants’ translation during the discussions.

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