Global and local HR at the Core of Business


July 9, 2013
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On my flight back from London to Madrid and after spending some days at the HR Software Show, a really ingenious and nicely designed advert campaign just happened to be waiting for me on the jet bridge walls:


“Even the smallest business will be multinational.”



“In the future local demand will shape global supply.”



“New trade routes will reshape the world economy”



And the finishing sentence “ Be part of the future.”


There are many more “In the future …”  Take a look at the ad campaign here.

Under the “Drive organizational performance through technology” slogan, this years’ HR Software Show brought together many HR professionals. The growing internationalization of businesses and the impact of technology in all areas of people management were at the heart of many conferences held at this event.  We had the chance to talk to many HR Directors, HR Managers and HR related people that stopped at our stand and many interesting conversation were precisely related to keeping up with the company’s growth, being able to identify, develop and retain talented people worldwide, having the right and complete information available to take decisions, etc.

On the other hand companies expanding worldwide were especially concerned on how to manage their global HR requirements while addressing the needs of their local departments.

Certainly there were also many doubts, worries and perhaps also fears related to technology. Do I need to go social, mobile or Cloud?  How do I assure user acceptance and how to keep up with the newer generation demands?

It is not my intention here to answer all these questions, but I wanted to point out some of the challenges that await the future HR organizations.

There is no doubt that within this framework HR’s contribution plays an enabling role when focusing on these issues. Their key sphere of influence according to a CIPD research written by Jerry Connor tend to adjust to these four:


With all these questions and findings in my mind, I closed my eyes and only one feeling was surrounding my head. I feel good about working in an industry that is constantly evolving and at the heart of the businesses, driving and shaping their future.

The “HR world” is living a fascinating momentum. Do you want to be part of the future?



Graphic from: Connor, Jerry with contributions from Claire McCartney: Next Generation HR. The growth option: turbo-charging HR’s impact in Asia, CIPD



Bettina Rodriguez

About Bettina Rodriguez

Bettina Rodriguez graduated in Foreign Trade and Marketing, and holds an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa. She has held various positions in training, pre-sales and marketing. Her professional career has always developed in the international environment of B2B companies in the HR technology sector. She currently manages the Meta4 Corporate Marketing department.

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