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July 26, 2013
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For me the ideal candidate is someone who sees himself or herself as their own company, and looks for ways to differentiate from competitors by being as creative as possible in such a complex and variable market.

Nowadays companies in fact positively value candidates who seek out original ways of presenting themselves in a recruitment process, as creativity and the capacity to innovate are probably the qualities most demanded.

I remember a few months ago a young Spanish journalist called Enzo Vizcaíno became famous for riding the metro in Barcelona singing his resume or CV to the rhythm of his ukulele. Frankly his initiative caught my eye for its creativity and audacity. This is how his first verse went in Spanish, and below it I’ve included the loose translation into English:

Licenciado en Periodismo

y un diploma de posgrado

que he traído aquí doblado,

por si usted lo quiere ver.

Podéis ver aquí el vídeo


A degree in journalism

And a post-grad diploma

I’ve got it folded here

In case you wanna see it

Just watch the video right here


Just as expected, a few days later he already had a contract as a script writer for a famous television program.

The question is; how to stand out from 300 other candidates vying for a single job post? The CV video may be a very good option; it’s an opportunity to show your talent creatively. Most certainly an audiovisual CV is far more visible than the traditional one on paper. Images always save better to the retina than text does. What’s more, images feed your imagination freely when putting together your CV, so you can highlight your key qualities as you think is best.

Based on my 15 plus years of experience in HR recruitment, I am convinced that the CV in video format is a great option that offers obvious and practical advantages for recruiters while delivering added value:

- Candidate recruitment is faster thanks to early visual contact: leading to the discovery  of the personal style, communicativeness, creativity, level of language skills, etc.

- Implementing a recruitment strategy at the corporate level across offices in different countries is possible.

- Additionally if the candidate selection culminates with a video interview, this means the recruitment process can be nearly completed just telematically.

- Undoubtedly this saves time and costs for the company

I think it is vital for candidates to resort to different methods for finding work and showing their potential. Using these new modes displays talent and creativity, offering a true competitive advantage for leading companies, whose key value comes from the skills and knowledge held within their human capital.


Virginia Cáceres

About Virginia Cáceres

Virginia Caceres is a psychologist specialized in the HR field with more than 15 years of professional experience, mostly related to talent selection and workforce training. She works in the Meta4 HR department and is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in Psychoanalysis from the University of Comillas, with the aim of better understanding human motivations and reactions and to apply this to her career.

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